PPG Paints Consultation

An Excellent Value and Top-Notch Expertise

Special Offer  PPG Paints One Hour In-Home Color Consultation

  • Pay Dee Dubell $75 and receive a $50 Gift Certificate for PPG Paints Premium Products

Special Offer PPG Paints One Hour In-Home Color Consultation for C2 Paint

  • Pay Dee Dubell $75 and receive a coupon for 15% off the price of C2 Paint

Coupon to be presented to Rollier’s Hardware at time of purchase.

Location:  600 Washington Rd., Pittsburgh, PA 15228

412.561.0922 Phone

Note:  Only 1 coupon per order!

The PPG C2 line of paint uses 16 Artisian Grade Pigments Creating Luxurious Colors